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Please allow me to say that your financial help, how little or big it is, is more than welcome, very much appreciated and absolutely needed !

We, at Artintelli, highly value the fact of being independent. We also strongly believe this independency is a major necessity to keep the (long term) goals beneficial for the human species and life in general.

It is one of those fields in which the corporate world should not be the creators, for safety reasons ! It is not a secret that companies have other targets than non-profit organizations !

Research and development always costs money, no matter the purpose ! In order to finance everything, we try to keep a good balance between sponsoring/donations on the one hand and related/derived products we sell on the other hand.

Once again, this should help us not to become dependent of just one or two major (industrial) sponsors.

Currently, we have not had the time to look for a financial partner to handle donations automatically via the site.

However, hereunder you find the Artintelli account number and a regular bank transfer can easily be done. In Europe, this should be free of costs, outside Europe, transfer-costs can be applicable. Please contact your bank for more details.

IBAN : BE48 7350 4826 1427


If you would like to make a large donation or intend to sponsor Artintelli vzw, please Contact us ! A 'sponsor' page will be created in time for those preferring a visual representation. Anonymity is of course also possible !

I would like to point-out to potential (corporate) sponsors, that neither favors nor a seat on the Board is even discussable ! It is only the general meeting who can make decisions on this matter.

Thanks in advance for your generous and needed donations !

Kind regards,


Geert Masureel
Chairman Artintelli vzw