Concentrate on the creation of your game or simulation and make it extremely realistic with a minimal of effort !

Let Artintelli focus on how to make your characters really alive behind the scenes, both physically and emotionally ! That is one of our specialties, one we excel in, by far !

Livinoid Studio will be your partner in achieving this next level of reality for your game or simulation.

It is, for instance, the software where the characteristics for new Livinoids are defined and existing Livinoids can be modified.

For all clarity, Livinoid Studio is not graphical 2D or 3D software for the creation of game or simulation characters. Please read FAQ Livinoids if you are not yet familiar with the concept of Livinoids.

Depending on the type of Livinoid one chooses to generate, parameters for the respective type will be created and available for modification.

Some of the Livinoid Studio features :

  • Extremely easy generation of a complete lifelike character, with realistic past if wanted, with only the day of birth, race and the gender as parameters. No two Livinoids are ever the same.
  • Suggestions for the appearance of the 2D or 3D character are given depending on the characteristics of the Livinoid. This includes the color of hair (or non if bold) and skin. The shape of the face (square, round, ...), the muscular structure, body fat, ...
  • Most parameters can be manually modified and the past of the character can be adapted to the personal wishes.

Livinoid Studio will have a basic content to start with, 'Content Packs' will become available.

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