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Livinoid Studio comes standard with a minimal content to start creating Livinoids.

Content Packs for Livinoid Studio are extension packs and two major types of packs will be available :

  1. General Content Packs for following categories :
    1. foods and drinks
    2. diseases and medicines
    3. task energy usages
    4. politics and religion
    5. weather and environment
    6. history (childhood, education, health, ...) of the Livinoid
    7. cultures
    8. social behavior
    9. etc ...
  2. Livinoid Content Packs :
    Livinoids, environments, etc defined via Livinoid Studio and exported to be used by third parties.

An asset store (Similar to the one of Unity or Daz) will be available and third parties will be able to sell content packs on it.