Here you find details on the usage in gaming and simulations for Livinoid Emosia.

Three main topics are tackled: Resource usageGaming Industry and Simulations.

Resource usage :

On a modern multi-core desktop computer :

depending on the level of detail (LOD) wanted, between 10 and 50 should be possible. LODs can be mixed, so 5 Livinoids with the highest LOD can be used with 10 of lower LOD and 20 of lowest LOD for instance !

On mobile devices (Android, iOS) :

At least one should be able to run on it, but the target is to have 3 up to 5 (lower LOD) running on these devices. Keep in mind that the games themselves use a lot of processing power as well !

Gaming industry :

Wherever realistic emotions would be a surplus in the game. That is actually a lot more often than one thinks ! If you point a gun in someone's face, due to fear, that person could start urinating in his/her pants ! Livinoid Emosia supports this !

If you are on a mission and a colleague was just killed in action, chances are high that even civilians of the ‘same sort’ as the killer will be considered/classified ‘as enemies’ and therefore you will shoot these civilians if you (the conscience of the game character) can’t/won’t make the distinction between enemy and civilian ! Right indeed, state of mind is supported by Livinoids Emosia : trauma, PTSD and similar are supported ! All these make the game more realistic and unpredictable ! No two situations are exactly the same, so the outcome will be different as well !

A cyclist, football/soccer player or runner, or whatever sports character can loose its calm and get nervous because of the actions by others, resulting in going too deep in the reserves and losing that game. They can start full of confidence but can end disappointed and in self-doubt ! In the next race, this state of mind will still play a major role and the Livinoid will be challenged to overcome this ‘mental obstacle’ in order to go for the win ! Down-to-earth behaviour, like in real life !

Please look at the 'Games' tab in FAQ Livinoids to find more details.

Simulation :

Wherever realistic simulation is required, for instance :

  • a terrorist attack in a stadium
  • a fire on a boat or apartment complex
  • agitation in queues at stores or airports
  • problems in interracial/inter-religious neighborhoods
  • ...

The interaction between the diverse characters and situations, combined with the environmental influences makes it so similar to realistic, human behavior. The market has no similar and realistic product to offer !

The level of reality of the simulations is therefore far more convincing than with existing statistical/mathematical models ! A strange reaction of just a single person, can have a pathway blocked, causing lots of extra casualties. Livinoid Emosia supports this !

People are not mathematical but emotional beings ! In panic, not much of ‘logic thinking’ will occur, but rather ‘unpredictable behavior’ will be the case. This ‘unpredictable behavior’ is no longer unpredictable with Livinoid Emosia ! Therefore, repeated simulations with different ‘characters’ and ‘environmental influences’ can take place and, most likely, the outcome will each time be different as it is with real humans !

If implemented correctly, simulations could very well be used for training purposes of policemen, soldiers, rescue teams, social workers, etc !

The software will also become operational on servers or server farms/clusters. At first only Windows Servers will be supported. So, if a lot of detail is needed/wanted for hundreds or even thousands of characters in a simulation, it will be supported and the limitations of the simulation will rather be defined by the hardware !

Please look at the 'Games' tab in FAQ Livinoids to find more details.

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