Livinoid Intelligensia has an advanced human-like artificial brain, including empathy for humans, and is fully self-learning and adapting.

One just has to set the parameters right at the beginning, to give Livinoid Intelligensia the right type of personality. Add a convenient 'past' and the appropriate ‘memory’ (education included) and the system will do what is required swiftly and good !

For instance, you do not want a cleaning robot to be dominant in nature with extreme creative skills ! No, you would prefer a submissive character with great eye for detail ! BTW, this eye for detail would make it a better candidate than all existing and future 'non-emotional' AI driven cleaning robots. Perfectionism is a very good quality if it comes to cleaning ...

If a team of Livinoid Intelligensia driven robots were to be sent to Mars, for instance, a mix of different skills and characters should be created. It would be similar as if it was for humans and it would allow the diverse Livinoids to operate independently and do the job in their field of expertise !

This type of Livinoid is based on Livinoid Emosia and always has emotions and empathy !

Real advanced human like artificial intelligence, EMPATHY included !
Livinoid Intelligensia - Brains and empathy
Livinoid Intelligensia - Brains and empathy
Real advanced human like artificial intelligence, EMPATHY included !
Livinoid Intelligensia - Human protector
Livinoid Intelligensia - Human protector

Three subcategories will be created in this type of Livinoid :

A - Doggy

A dog-like intelligence intended for smaller robots (virtual and physical) and where only minimal (lightweight) intelligence is needed. A cleaning robot for instance could use this very well. It is capable of basic learning and can adapt well. The hardware specifications are minimal and cheap.

It could also be used for (virtual) advisory robots as well, both in financial services as in general services. These types of tasks or jobs do not require too much of intelligence. Hopefully we are not offending some people in that line of work right now with this latter statement ...

In theater and the movie industry, classical plays and script following acts can be learned and executed by this type of Livinoid.

If not enough (financial) resources are at our disposal at the starting point of Livinoid Intelligensia, this category will be dropped. Please read Roadmaps to find out more about this.

B – Humy

Humy has full human-like artificial intelligence and has the foundation for advanced intelligent robots. What a human can do brain-wise, in the field of thinking and decision making, is to be supported in this category. In short, systems where real intelligence and complex handling is required, Humy should be applied. Probably a number of subsections will be created, depending on the possible application and 'personality' of the Livinoid. That will be looked into at the moment.

Also for theater and the movie industry, Humy could, for instance, be used for fully interactive plays and movies ! The plot will never be the same and the viewer can turn the direction of the plot him- or her-self ! The line between games and movies will be very thin at that moment.

This category will be developed, please read Roadmaps to find out more about this.

C – Bro

The development of this type of Livinoid Intelligensia is only to be expected in the longer run. It is basically an advanced evolution of Humy and it is mainly intended for protective purposes like shielding human species from other (extremely) intelligent robots without empathy for humans.