It is important to highlight that Livinoids are not 100 percent accurate medical models ! They should therefore never be used for that purpose ! Livinoids are based on the functioning of diverse co-existing human systems and not on each detail the human being is made of.

For instance, no cellular level is present in the Livinoid, therefore cancer cells cannot be placed at the exact same spot as in the human body. However, the required conditions for the existence of this cancer do exist in the current model. In the future, mitosis could be implemented in the model to even facilitate this, but it is not a priority at this moment.

Another example is that although every Livinoid has a brain (some a simple one, some a very advanced one, depending on the type), with blood flowing through it and a normal energy usage, but no human-like brain areas are being used. Therefore a Livinoid can have a realistic stroke ‘somewhere in the brain’, but since no areas are defined where the blockage/infection occurs, the exact functions that will be (partially) disabled cannot be determined ! Statistics could of course be used to produce an educated guess. Since the goal is to have the design and outcome as ‘realistic’ as possible, statistics are not used in the model at this stage.

Although Livinoids are not designed to be perfectly medically accurate, it is surprising to notice how close it comes to ‘human health’ ! Hence, the model is very convenient and realistic for usage in (even extreme advanced) games and (not medical) simulations !

Even though Livinoids are not fully medically accurate models, no other affordable software currently exists which offers a similar ‘realistic’ health experience to my knowledge … (Geert Masureel)