On this page you find the roadmaps for the diverse products.

The provided time-frames are for one full-time resource (Geert Masureel) doing all programmer.

If extra people can be recruited , it will result in more depth per project. The time to develop each project will remain approximately the same, but the release dates of some projects could be advanced if more people can work simultaneous on these diverse products.

For a number of projects you also find the impact if extra resources are available thanks to sufficient funding.

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Livinoid Engine (Physisia & Emosia & (basic version of) Intelligensia)


Detailed theoretical model of the Engine

All required and advanced programming techniques tested and approved to create the Engine
The programming of the engine Busy
Release of the Engine (preview)

Estimated Quarter 1 2024

Livinoid Intelligensia Engine (Full version)

The full version of Livinoid Intelligensia needs more in depth education and some more advanced features, like robotic interfaces and that will take up some time. Since we do not blindly let the system learn from the internet, but emotional input and how some topic is perceived by the system (soft, heavy, etc), giving it a real understanding of the 'thing', the expectation is :

Research and study of all required fields of expertise
Release of the full version of Livinoids Intelligensia (preview) Estimated 2029

Livinoid Studio

The development of Livinoid Studio will be largely done during the creation of the Livinoid Physisia & Emosia Engine. Livinoid studio is required to create states and content for the Engine. No running or testing (of the Engine) is possible without the content created with Livinoid Studio.

Programming Parallel with the engine - Busy
Release of Livinoid Studio (preview) Estimated Quarter 1 2024