On this page you find the roadmaps for the diverse products.

The provided time-frames are for one full-time resource (Geert Masureel) doing all programmer.

If extra people can be recruited , it will result in more depth per project. The time to develop each project will remain approximately the same, but the release dates of some projects could be advanced if more people can work simultaneous on these diverse products.

For a number of projects you also find the impact if extra resources are available thanks to sufficient funding.

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Livinoid Physisia & Emosia Engine


Detailed theoretical model of the Engine

All required and advanced programming techniques tested and approved to create the Engine
The programming of the engine Busy
Testing of the engine and defining and refining the parameters 3-6 months after finishing programming
Start of the programming October 2018
Release of the Engine

Estimated Quarter 2 2022

Livinoid Intelligensia Engine

It is a large project spread over a long period of time and preferably it will be done in a team, but also here, for this specific project, two paths are to be taken into account :

  • Only funding for one. Geert Masureel will continue the project until finished. The development time will not deviate much, but just the minimal to have everything working correctly will be available for the first version. In this case only the Livinoid Intelligensia Humy, the more sophisticated model, will be created. Merely a couple of models can be educated and tested in this scenario.
  • Funding for extra resources. The development time will be slightly shorter and the available features for the initial version will benefit from this, as to be expected. When the development is done, more models can be educated and tested at once, providing a wider range of available 'products', usable for diverse realistic domestic and industrial purposes.
Research and study of all required fields of expertise
Theoretical model for the base engine. This base engine keeps the system alive and vivid under all circumstances.
Knowledge available to create an overall working theoretical model
Realistic overall theoretical model
All required techniques and technical concepts tested and approved to make the Livinoid Intelligensia Engine reality.  
Creating a detailed blueprint of the theoretical model. 6-12 months depending on the detail
Developing the Livinoid Intelligensia Doggy Engine 24-30 months
Developing the Livinoid Intelligensia Humy Engine - this is done on top of the Doggy Engine 24-30 months
Testing and playing with the diverse parameters 12-24 months
Educating 'Template models'*

1-2 years (Doggy)

2-4 years (Humy)

Further specific education depending on the type and complexity of education
Start of the project Estimated Begin - End 2021
Release of the first Livinoids Intelligensia Doggy with basic training Estimated 2026
Release of the first Livinoids Intelligensia Humy with basic training Estimated 2030

*Template models are used as the base for further specific in-depth learning. Consider it as a compressed form of 'general school education'. Since Livinoid Intelligensia Humy can have all sorts of 'personality', depending on the parameters, very well defined 'Template models' can be educated, depending on the type of tasks/jobs to be performed.

Livinoid Studio

The development of Livinoid Studio will be largely done during the creation of the Livinoid Physisia & Emosia Engine. Livinoid studio is required to create states and content for the Engine. No running or testing (of the Engine) is possible without the content created with Livinoid Studio.

Programming Parallel with the engine
Content development time 6-8 months
Content available at startup The minimal required content to start-up
Release of Livinoid Studio Estimated Quarter 2 2022

Livinoid Studio - Content Packs

The more people available, thanks to funding (project must be created) and donations, the more content packs for Livinoid Studio will be obtainable at launch.

At release of Livinoid Studio The required for start-up
Extra Packs 4 months per Content Pack